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XIV (2009)

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Physicochemical properties of chitin from chitin-protein complex of various stages of molting cycle of kamtchatsky crab (Paralithodes camtchaticus) shell

V. Uryash, S. Nemtsev, N. Kokurina, D. Zagorskaya, N. Kovacheva, V. Larina

Heterogeneous deacetylation of chitin degraded with hydrogen peroxide in a microwave field

A. Wojtasz-Pająk, J. Szumilewicz

Studies on the diffusion of direct dyes in chitosan film

S. Mazengarb, G. A. F. Roberts

The strength of chitosan films. The role of molecular weight, the degree of order, the nature of contre-ion

M. Alekseeva, E. Fedoseeva, V. Frolov, V. Nistratov, L. Smirnova

Enzymatic preparations from Mucor moulds and their application in oligoaminosaccharides production

K. Struszczyk, M. Szczęsna-Antczak, M. Walczak, E. Pomianowska, J. Wojciechowska, T. Antczak

PLA microgranules used as carriers of active substances prepared by emulsification in chitosan solution

J. Balcerzak, M. Mucha

The effect of microcrystalline chitosan on the activity of pyruvate kinase M2 isoenzyme involved in regulating proliferation of ehrlich ascites tumor (EAT) cells in vitro

J. Ignacak, J. Dulińska-Litewka, I. Pałka, M. Wiśniewska-Wrona, A. Niekraszewicz

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