Polskie Towarzystwo Chitynowe / Polish Chitin SocietyInstytut Biopolimerów i Włókien Chemicznych / The Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres
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Membership info

 I declare membership in Polish Chitin Society as an ordinary member
* must be written
The annual membership fee is due in PLN only. Annual membership is 
always from January 1st – December 31st each year and the annual fee for
the complete year is due regardless of the day of entry.
Active member: PLN 48.
Retirement member: PLN 24.
The membership fee should be transferred into a PTChit bank account:
SWIFT/BIC code of the bank - BPKOPLPW
IBAN number PL 42 1020 3408 0000 4502 0142 9257.

Seat of PTChit is Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres

ul. M. Skłodowskiej Curie 19/27, 90 - 570 Łódź, Poland • tel. + 42 638 03 38 (39), fax: + 42 637 65 10,

e-mail: ibwch@ibwch.lodz.plbiomater@ibwch.lodz.pl