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H. Pospieszny, W. Folkman
Factors modifying a bio-logical actmty of chitin derivatives, p. 7

A. Niekraszewicz, M. Kucharska, M. Wiśniewska-Wrona, E. Wesołowska, H. Struszczyk
Chitosan in medical application, p. 13

A. Kędzia, B. Kochańska, A. Cedro, R. Jachowicz
Effect in vitro of chitosan against periodontal anaerobic bacteria, p. 19

B. Kochańska, A. Kędzia, M. Wierzbowska, A. Wojtasz-Pająk
Activities of chitosan ascorbate against strains of Helicobacter pylori isolated from pathological gingival pockets, p. 27

A. Bartkowiak
Formation and properties of połyelectrołyte microcap-sules based on oligochitosan, p. 31

M. H. Struszczyk, K.Brzoza-Malczewska
Modification of chitosan films, p. 39

A. Wojtasz-Pająk, J. Szumilewicz
The thermal degradation of chitin, p. 51

A. Błasińska, I. Krucińska, M. Chrzanowski, S. Domaradzka-Nicińska
Manufacturing biomaterials from nanometersize fibres of dibutyrylchitin using electrospinning method, p. 63

K. Małolepsza-Jarmołowska, A. A. Kubis
Pharmaceutical assessment of hydrophilic intravaginal tablets containing lactic acid complex with chitosan, p. 77

R. Zarzycki, Z. Modrzejewska, E. Wylon
Chitosan - gentamycin membranes with prolonged antibiotic activity, p. 83

J. Szumilewicz, B. Pabin-Szafko, L. Szosland
Preliminary assessment of susceptibility of dibutyrylchitin to cellulase, p. 95

M. Dąbek, A. Wojtasz-Pająk, D. Kruszewska, S. G. Pierzynowski
Effect of chitosan salts on bacterial growth and gut absorption -preliminary results, p. 103

J. lynacak, I. Pałka, H. Struszczyk
The effect of microcrystal-line chitosan on the in vitro proliferation of Ehriich Ascites Tumor (EAT) cells and normal mouse mammary epithelium, p. 113

R. Czechowska-Biskup, P. Ulański, J. M. Rosiak, A. Kumor, I. Kozak-Michałowska, J. Lorenc, J. Meler
Examination of plant fat- and cholesterol binding by chitosans of various molecular weights -preliminary data, p. 121

J. Meler, J. Pluta
The effect of chosen auxiliary substances the activity of lipase pancreatic biopharmaceutical patternel of digestive tract, p. 131

J. Meler, J, Pluta, Piotr Ulański
Effect of physicochemical factors on binding the lipids by chitosans, p. 139

B. Piskorz-Bińczycka, J. Fiema
Chitosan in the aspect of the physiology of fungi. II. Dependence of the development of mycelium of Penicillium claviforme and the spore-bearing coremia, p. 147

B. Piskorz-Bińczycka, J. Fiema
Chitosan in the aspect of the physiology of fungi. III. Rhythmic sporulation in Penicillium claviforme, p. 159

J. Borkowski, B. Dyki, A. Niekraszewicz, H. Struszczyk
Effect of the preparations Biochikol 020 PC, Tytanit, Biosept 33 SL and others on the healthiness of tomato plants and their fruiting in glasshouse, p. 167

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