Prof. Henryk Struszczyk Prize Rules 

  1. Prof. Henryka Struszczyk Award is awarded by the Polish Chitin Society every year for original achievements in research in chitin and its derivatives or practical applications based on research in the field of chitin and its derivatives.
  2. The award is granted in the form of a diploma, an invitation to present a ceremonial plenary lecture during the Conference of the Polish Chitin Society, and an exemption from the fee for the next conference following the year of receiving the award.
  3. Persons under the age of 36 may apply for the Award.
  4. The Award application deadline is June 30.
  5. The candidate sends by e-mail the following documents to the President of PTChit:
    1. CV
    2. List of achievements in the field of research on chitin and its derivatives from the last 4 years preceding the application for the Award
    3. Publications related to the application
    4. The list of citations of publications included in the application based on the Scopus or Web of Science database.
  6. The president of PTChit appoints people to the competition committee from among the members of the Society who are competent to evaluate the submitted documents. The president of PTChit appoints a chairman from among them. The chairman of the committee draws up a report on the evaluation of applications.
  7. The Award's laureate is announced during the opening ceremony of the Polish Chitin Society Conference “New aspects on chemistry and application of chitin and its derivatives”.
  8. A necessary condition for receiving the Award is to present, during the Conference, a plenary lecture related to the topic for which the Award was granted.
  9. The decision of the committee is irreversible and may not be appealed against.
  10. A person who has not been awarded has the right to apply for the Award in subsequent years, but this requires sending the documents again.
  11. The committee granting the Prize retains the right not to award the Prize without giving reasons.