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Editor letter

Investigation of sorbates for the determination of the FA values of chitin and chitosan by an adsorption technique
A. W. Bartkowiak, G. A. F. Roberts

Changes in molecular characteristics of dibutyrylchitin under influence of sonification
J. Szumilewicz, B. Pabin-Szafko

Thermal study of chitosan blends with vinyl polymers
K. Lewandowska

The effect of temperature and chitosan form on the process of metal ions sorption
K. H. Bodek

Temperature and metal ions influence on optical properties of chitosan in aqueous solution
M. Koralewski, K. H. Bodek, T. Wachowski

Aqueous solutions of hydrochloric acid as simple solvents of chitosan for viscosity- and light-scattering-based molecular weight determination
R. Czechowska-Biskup, A. Wojtasz-Pająk, J. Sikorski, A. Henke, P. Ulański, J. M. Rosiak

Supermolecular structure of chitin and its derivatives in ftir spectroscopy studies
D. Biniaś, M. Wyszomirski, W. Biniaś, S. Boryniec

Partially resorbable hernia meshes
A. Niekraszewicz, M. Kucharska, D. Wawro, M. H. Struszczyk, A. Rogaczewska

The influence of glycerol on the release of metronidazole from gels containing lactic acid complexed with chitosan
K. Małolepsza–Jarmołowska

The influence of 1,2-propylene glycol on the release of metronidazole from gels containing lactic acid complexed with chitosan
K. Małolepsza–Jarmołowska

Ability of bond of extracts of biles’ acids through preparations chitosans in biopharmaceutical model of alimentary line
J. Meler, J. Pluta

Bioactive composite materials
M. Kucharska, A. Niekraszewicz, J. Lebioda, K. Malczewska-Brzoza, E. Wesołowska

Medical applications of chitin and its derivatives
M. H. Struszczyk, K. J. Struszczyk

Biological properties of chitosan degradation products
M. Wiśniewska-Wrona, A. Niekraszewicz, D. Ciechańska, H. Pospieszny, L. B. Orlikowski

In situ immobilized chitosanolytic enzymes from Mucor circinelloides
K. J. Struszczyk, M. Szczęsna-Antczak, T. Antczak, M. Gajewska

Biological control of runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.) against soil-borne pathogenic fungi
E. Patkowska, D. Pięta, A. Pastucha

A possibility of using grapefruit extract, chitosan and Pythium oligandrum to protect soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) from pathogens
D. Pięta, A. Pastucha, E. Patkowska

Quantitative and qualitative composition of rhizosphere microorganisms of pea (Pisum sativum. L) after applying biopreparations
A. Pastucha, E. Patkowska, D. Pięta

Effectiveness of Biochikol 020 PC in the control of carrot and parsley pathogens
J. Nawrocki, S. Mazur

Effect of Biochikol 020 PC (chitosan) on the plant growth, fruit yield and healthiness of tomato roots and plant stems
J. Borkowski, B. Dyki, A. Felczyńska, W. Kowalczyk

Effect of calcium nitrate, Biochikol 020 PC and tytanit on the healthiness of chinese cabbage, the yield, the content of fenolic compounds and calcium
J. Borkowski, A. Felczyńska, B. Dyki